Today, we’re much more than a tank rental company, and we’re proud to provide Equipment & Tools, Fabrication & Construction , Chemical & Minerals as well as Oliotech provides sales & sourcing of Oil & Gas products.
Note: All the equipment is quality assured from HMC (Heavy Mechanical Complex) and SGS .



Oliotech Services is an oil field services company based out of Pakistan. It intends to focus on the Oil & Gas industry. We are the first company in Pakistan to provide rental equipment solutions to leading oil and gas companies throughout Pakistan. Oliotech Services will fill the vast gap in the market for credible and reliable suppliers. We want to sell our products and services as well as build long term relationships with our clients.


"The minute you are satisfied with where you are, you aren't there anymore"

-Tony Gwynn, Hall of fame Baseball player.

One thing which does not resonate with the culture and business model of Oliotech Services is Stagnation. We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because of our goal directed attitude leading us down new paths. This is the reason why Oliotech Services, which started as a rental services company back in 2013, today proudly boasts about its diverse nature of services ranging from filtration services, pumping services to complete mud storage, containment solutions and now complete Early Production Facilities.

Last month Oliotech Services was granted a contract by Mari Petroleum Company Limited, where we along with Schlumberger Seaco Inc. provided complete Early Production Services to MPCL at their site in Dharian X-01. From establishing storage facility for Crude oil to erecting loading gantry for the transport of crude oil, our team was not only instrumental in finishing this on time but are successfully carrying out the job at site till today.

We would like to thank MPCL and Schlumberger for the trust they have shown in our company. We would also like to thank all our other clientele family whose unwavering and unending support has made Oliotech Services one of the most trusted name in oilfield sector in Pakistan.

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Management of Oliotech Oilfield Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is vitally interested in the safety of its employees, clients and visitors. Implementing highest standards of safety is a top priority for Oliotech Services Pakistan & We are continuously working to ensure safe working conditions for all human resource attached or connected to Oliotech Services.
Our primary goal of a workplace safety is to establish the expectation that it is the responsibility of all personnel to create and maintain a safe work environment for not only themselves but for their peers, colleagues and everyone else involved.
In order to inculcate the highest standards of safety and security, Oliotech Services regularly conduct trainings for all of its employees and everyone is recommended to pay strict adherence to proper safety measures at all the time. We also encourage all stakeholders to report any unsafe working conditions right away, Safety First!

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Oliotech focusing on implementation of ISO standards of quality, health, safety & enviornment for it's valuable employees and customers.Because Oliotech does not compromise on these values which are fundamental rights of each and every single person as an employee as well as customers.



There’s a reason they’re referred to as Oliotech oil field equipment on rent. Today, we’re much more than a tank rental company, and we’re proud to provide equipment & tools, fabrication & construction , chemical & minerals as well as Oliotech provides sales & sourcing of Oil & Gas products



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